Learn Korean

Learn Korean in a fun and Easy way!


Welcome to our 1 hour, drop-in Korean workshop for foreigners learning Korean. Just enter and pay a 10,000won entry at the entrance, which will get you 2 drinks, a 1 hour Korean workshop and a 3 hour language exchange. You’ll be placed with a native Korean teacher based on your Korean ability. We’ve got a quick level test to sort you out. The workshop sizes are small. Some times you’ll get a 1 on 1 lesson, sometimes you’ll be in a small group of 4 other students. After finishing the Korean workshop, you’re welcome to join the language exchange with 40 to 100 other people from around the world!

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Who is this workshop suited for?

  1. Travellers – if you’re travelling through Seoul and want to learn more about Korean, than this is perfect for you. This is also a great way to meet Korean locals that will really enrich your time in Seoul!
  2. English Teachers – We know that you, an English Teacher, want to learn Korean while living here, but it’s hard to find time when you’re SPEAKING and teaching English all day. You’ve probably picked up a bit of Korean here and there. Why not put it all together and practice it with Korean natives. You’ll make some great, like-minded friends along the way too!
  3. Students – You students are learning Korean all day long! We know. It’s like the university and language programs are shovelling it right into your head. A lot of our students are attending universities and language programs, and they tell us that getting a chance to speak out and sort out all the material that they’ve learned is really, really helpful. I hope it helps you out too!

These are the 3 main groups of people that we find passing through our Korean Workshops. But we’re not limited to these groups. Everyone is welcome!



We host multiple workshops every week. We’re working towards hosting a Korean workshop every day! until then, it’s best to check our event schedule to know exactly when, and where the Korean workshop is.