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Hongdae, Korean Language Workshop with Native teachers

July 19 @ 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Hello and welcome to the workshop! Let’s get talking 🙂 

Map: goo.gl/MLs4bG 

Take Hongdae Station exit 2 and turn left immediately (past Starbucks). Cross the road. Turn left walk straight. Turn right at the first road. Walk straight for about 2 minutes. ARGO is on your right in the big grey building  on your right.

**FOR PEOPLE LEARNING KOREAN ONLY** If you have questions, contact David on Kakao. ID: Rufio1

Koreans, you can join the language exchange at the same location. It starts at 7:30 pm 🙂

Simply, this is a Korean workshop with Native teachers in Hongdae every Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Follow the map posted below. For more information continue reading 😀



• You’re just passing through Seoul and you’re looking for a new experience and a way to meet other, positive people. 

• You’re an exchange student in Seoul and you want time to practice speaking what you’ve learned in your school. 

• You’re an English teacher who is finally getting around to learning some Korean and wants to jump in and learn. 

• You’re an intermediate to advanced, self driven learner who wants some topic and grammar focus but also an opportunity to free talk in Korean. 

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ENTER******************************************* 

You and other Korean students enter the cafe at around 6:20pm on Wednesday. There will be a staff member who will greet you and show you to the coffee menu. 

You pay 만원 and you get a 1 hour Korean workshop, a 3 hour language exchange and 2 drinks of your choice (2 cafe drinks, or 1 cafe drink + 1 beer, or 2 beers). 

The staff will ask you to choose your level from our LANGUAGE MENU and then you’ll be seated with your Native Korean teacher. Each teacher gets 1 to 5 Korean students. 

Follow the Korean lesson, or ask your own questions  about Korean to your teacher

At 7:30pm everyone in the cafe switches tables (to meet new people) and the language exchange beings. About 60 people attend the language and its a lot of fun!

THE CLASS IN MORE DETAIL*****************************************************

The class is structured as follows:

• 6:30 – 7:30pm. Korean Lesson/ workshop with Natives 
• 7:30 – 9:30pm. Free talking language exchange with approx. 60 foreigners and Koreans. 
• 9:30 – 10:30pm. More relaxed conversation and social environment with wine and other drinks.


We have 7 different levels for you to choose from. Our approach is to give you the tools to keep learning by yourself. Because really, you don’t need to attend lessons ALL the time to learn Korean. You just have to get some basics down, have fun while learning and then just keep using it! Here are the lessons we offer:

Hangeul (한글) The Korean Alphabet 

Learning how to introduce yourself 

Learning how to ask the meaning of words you don’t know 

Learning how to control the speed of the conversation 

Learning how to control the difficulty of the conversation 

Keeping the conversation in Korean (Instead of English) 

Learning how to ask for feedback from Koreans 


Now you’ve probably had the same introduction conversation a thousand times. You know a lot of words and a lot of phrases, but its all jumbled up in your head. Some times you feel almost like you can have a conversation but other times you feel like a failure. We know. It’s hard. In this part of the lesson we focus on growing your vocabulary and teachers also help you construct your own sentences.


We have new weekly lessons made with topics related with relationships, travel, work, social issues and play. They are all geared towards conversation with extra vocab and grammar sprinkled in. This class is quite flexible. If you and your small group choose, you can follow the lesson like grammar Nazis, or you can break from it and just free talk while the Native teacher will give you tips and corrections. The choice is yours. Come check it out! 

(In the Language Exchange after the Korean Workshop)

FAQ: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS***************************************** 

• I can’t speak any Korean. For the love of god can I be helped?

Yes. We will help you. We use a ‘LANGUAGE MENU’ system. This allows us to choose the right level for you very quickly. We have 7 beginner levels, 2 pre-intermediate levels, and conversation levels for intermediate and advanced students. If you’re level is piss poor, don’t worry about it. We get a lot of newbies and they have all told us that they were glad they came, and they felt comfortable the whole time.

• I’m already a hot shot intermediate speaker. Is this lesson worth my time? 

Why, I guess you didn’t read the first question then did ya, hot shot? Short answer: Yes. It is worth your time. Long answer: There are multiple levels so you can feel comfortable talking about more advanced topics with a 1:1 Korean lesson, or with a group of other intermediate Korean speakers. We focus on everyday topics that you may actually want to use with Koreans you meet in the language exchange. These topics include relationships, travel, work, play, hobbies and current events. 

• What if I come late? 

It’s okay to come late. The language workshop is from 6:30 – 7:30 and the language exchange is from 7:30 – 11:00pm. The cost of the Korean lesson and the Language exchange is the same. So if you come late for the lesson you can still enjoy a fun language exchange with people from all over the world for a long time and not lose any money!

• Let’s talk numbers, buddy. What does it cost and what do I get? 

You pay 만원 (10$) and you get A) A one hour Korean Workshop with a native Korean teacher, B) A 3 hour language exchange, and C) Two drinks from either our Cafe or Alcoholic drinks menu. That means 1 coffee or tea + 1 beer. Or, that means 1 coffee and 1 Tea. Or, that means 1 Ade + 1 cooler. Or, that means 2 beers. Or that means 2 coolers… I think you get the idea. There are a lot of choices. Mix and match. Go nuts. 

• I’m sold. Sign me up. Where do I register?

No registration required. All you have to do is get yourself down to the lesson at 6:20pm on Wednesday, order a coffee and then let the learning begin. We supply all materials. Bringing your own pencil and notebook is advised 🙂 BUT, because there is no accountability to come, it’s up to you to get out of bed, turn off Netflix and get out here to do something fun, productive and good for all of humanity. Okay? Deal.


July 19
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Event Category:


Language, Culture and Social Exchange – GlobalSeoulMates


ARGO coffee and beer
마포구 동교동 204-54
Seoul, kr
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