What is GSM?

GSM stands for Global Seoul Mates. We are an international community based in South Korea. We love meeting up, sharing language and culture, and partying! We have 4 main services. Check them out below:

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Language Exchange

It’s said we are the average of the 5 people we’re around the most. Surround yourself with positive, diverse and like-minded people that raise you up. We’ve got over 60,000 members from over 40 different countries. Find a meet up happening in Seoul and meet new people now. 


We throw some of the biggest private parties in all of South Korea. Every month we have one big special event, but you really want to check out our New Years, Halloween, and special Cruise and Yacht Parties if you want a special experience. Our goal is to give people crazy experiences that they would normally never have.


This is Korean speaking made simple. We call our service THE KOREAN GYM. This is because we view language learning more like training than a traditional class.  Learn relevant material that is designed to be used in social situations immediately. Socialize your way into Korean. Clear, colourful and backed by scientific principles. 


Free content and a look into how we approach the world. That is, socialize rather than memorize. Be focused rather than busy. Move rather than stay still. Join the conversation and get the best out of your time abroad!

The easiest way to learn Language is by making friends

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